Marie Marot, the Demand of Simplicity

Marie Marot, the Demand of Simplicity

The story of the Marie Marot label is strictly for women only – as the brand is aimed at them exclusively. A venture built on core values of simplicity, quality and, above all, adaptability. Each piece is designed and conceived with the dream of symbolising liberty. This is an essential value in the eyes of Marie, whose role models include personalities such as Andrée Putman and Pierre Soulages. They are virtuosi who, like her, have a clear and established taste for clean, pure minimalism. A way of thinking that is reflected in her designs: no frills, but always ultra-feminine – a look that extends into the design of her home. It is a home, and a design, where the designer has room to breathe. High on a hillside, looking down from the sky and close to heaven, it is bathed in sunlight. This is a place where all the different elements come together. A natural haven, seemingly custom-made for a creative talent who will be offering some of her finest designs until the end of June in our pop-up store located at 30, rue du Vertbois.

Vertbois x The Socialite Family: The Place to Get Inspired. 30, rue du Vertbois – 75003 Paris. Open from 7 March to 30 June 2018. From Wednesday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm.

Salon Marie Marot Portrait Créatrice
Table Basse Marie Marot Livres Bibelots Accumulation
Photos Accumulation Marie Marot Appartement
Photographie Art Noir Blanc Marie Marot
Détail Jambes Marie Marot

Marie, in three words, how would you describe your style?


Versatile, timeless and true.

Who is the “woman” of your collections? Where do you find your inspiration?


I guess it is all types of women. I like the idea that a young girl, or a 70-years-old person, wear one of my shirts in all the ways it is possible to do it. So Marie Marot would somehow be cross-generational. I really want every woman to appropriate my brand her own way, with a tee-shirt, a body – with or without underwear – a lady’s suit, a track suit or a jean. This is how I dream it: a symbol of freedom and adaptability! In terms of inspiration, my souvenirs and childhood in general play a large part in the process. Inspiration also come from the people in the streets, and artists I admire, such as Rodin, Pierre Soulages, Andrée Putman, Gabrielle Chanel, to quote just a few.

In your home, where do you spend the most of your time?


I spend a lot of time in my office! In general, I like sitting around a table and work, eat, talk and file…

For how long have you been living in this apartment?


Soon it will have been three years! It is rather rare to find apartments with that much light these days. It is one of my major criteria.

Portrait Marie Marot Salon Appartement
Détail Chemise Marie Marot
Fleurs Salon Marie Marot
Bijoux Détails Buste Marie Marot
Chemises Marie Marot Appartement Paris
Chemises Marie Marot Appartement

Is there a design style you particularly like?


I like pure interiors, or I feel I suffocate. It is like with the clothes: I like just having the essential, what is indispensable.

Is there a good restaurant you would recommend us?


Gaspard de la Nuit and Vivant, it is good and we feel good there!

What is your last bedside book?


Beggars of life: A Hobbo Autobiography”, by Jim Tully. I have always loved the “Nature writing” American literary movement. American great spaces, the life of these men, families, the roughness, the joy and freedom we find in Jim Harrison’s novels for example.

Where can we get a Marie Marot shirt if we suddenly want it?


The list of all the outlets is on my website, but from what I remember now, I’d quote: Le Bon Marché, L’Exception, Selfridges, Browns, Shopbop and of course The Socialite Family‘s ephemeral shop at 30 rue du Vertbois !

Salon Portrait Appartement Marie Marot
Salon Marie Marot Appartement
Portrait Marie Marot Salon Nicolas Ouchenir

I like pure interiors, or I feel I suffocate. It is like with the clothes: I like just having the essential, what is indispensable.

Chambre Marie Marot Appartement
Aesop Cuisine Appartement Marie Marot
Coin Canapé Marie Marot Appartement
Photographie Moto Noir Blanc Appartement Marie Marot
Chemises Marie Marot Appartement

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