Magic Circus, Marie-Lise Fery’s Return to the Roots

Magic Circus, Marie-Lise Fery’s Return to the Roots

Marie-Lise Féry is incredible. Magic Circus, her new adventure, was even kind of obvious for the one who has been attracted by the Art Deco style since the beginning. She had these delicate and poetic curves in mind when she opened her first boutique, Un Château en Espagne. In the heart of the peninsula of Lyon, the antique gallery made objects communicate in a scenography better than reality, as it had had its own story. Now, it is all about lights. Magic Circus Editions made lamps its specialty. A love of what is beautiful and practical overcomes the periods. Every piece is handmade thanks to an ancestral know-how, token of a permanent attention to detail. The mouth blown glass fits with a brass that will always gain in value, for a majestuous and even dreamlike result. The opaline chandeliers and ceiling lights, influenced by the 20’s-30’s, shine and transcend. It is an imperial feeling peculiar to the worlds of circus and music hall Marie-Lise loves. Both worlds lead to an imaginary trip, whose destination is unknown. Magic Circus is never where you expect it to be. Who knows what this illusionist holds in store for the future?

Luminaires Art Déco Magic Circus
Chat Marie Lise Fery

Marie-Lise, what does Magic Circus means?


It means an imaginary trip!

Why did you choose this name?


I could tell you about my admiration for the circus world and about my preference for the aesthetics of the 20’s and the 30’s, but Magic Circus is first of all the dream I created in my head. It is strange but useful when it comes to express your emotions. My first will was to guide people to themselves, to orientate them without influencing them and to push them to look at things their own way!

How do you wish to develop your brand?


Magic Circus is a young brand which aims to be of its time. Magic Circus’ lights are made in a workshop where an ancestral know-how is used. It is a collaboration in all the details, in the perfection of each finishing touches until the hallmark that will mark each piece.

Marie Lise Fery Portrait Magic Circus
Suspensions Opalines Art Déco Magic Circus

Would you like to keep working only on lights or to start with other types of furniture as well?


I am currently working on the next collection. Besides, I am also drawing a living room. I hope it will be real soon!

Where do you find your inspiration for your creations?


I find inspiration by keeping my eyes opened on the world!

Which design period is your favourite?


I’d say the 40’s.

What was your career before Magic Circus?


I was born in Paris, but I fast moved to New York to study art dealing. I fell for the charm of the Big Apple’s architecture and throve on decorative worlds with astonishing contrasts and full of poetry. Back to France, I created an antique gallery in Lyon called “Un château en Espagne”. Nonetheless, the will to go further bugged me and I ended up creating Magic Circus Editions.

Suspensions Opaline Magic Circus
Lampe Art Déco Magic Circus
Lampe Art Déco Magic Circus

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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