Les Justes, a Design and Solidarity Cocktail Bar

Les Justes, a Design and Solidarity Cocktail Bar

We are heading toward Pigalle and the bars of the Rue Frochot and it’s time to discover the youngest one, Les Justes. It’s Felix Millory who is responsible for the incredible transformation and his mission is an accomplished one. The glass front immediately invites you to enter and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere invades you. Les Justes is also a bar that allows one to combine gustative discoveries and participatory financing since buying some of the cocktails permits to participate to the financing of local organization. A generous approach that works perfectly with the atmosphere of the place.

Le comptoir du bar à cocktail Les Justes
Les luminaires du bar Les Justes
Carte des cocktails du bar Les Justes Détail décor du bar Les Justes Propriétaire du bar Les justes Détail étagères à spiritueux du bar Les Justes Bouteilles d'alcool bar Les Justes Deuxi Deuxième salle bar Les Justes

Felix, how have you approached the project and defined your universe?


Like many spaces in this area is was a former hostesses bar. We decided against playing on that theme and instead focused on creating an atmosphere reminiscent of California, the beaches, the sea, all in a vintage beach. The bar is a central part of the main room. The warm colour of the brass stands out against the blue walls and white wood ceiling. The back bar was designed with a view to showcase the spirits in a beach bar impression. And finally in the second space we chose to replace the blue walls with a tapestry of almost retro foliage, staying mindful of the sea, beach and palm trees.


Do you have a specific style?


I’d say first my style is about materials and how to use them. I like when they are raw. Wooden planks are left raw or painted simply. I also like to use brass, this is something that is typically Parisian! It is a material that I really love as it changes over time, the patina evolves. And then its all about finish. A space that seems simple is actually full of details within line effects, reflections and so on. We must also keep in mind the idea that it’s about creating a space with harmony.


You founded your agency five years ago, what other kinds of projects are you working on?


Multiple things! I’m working on various outlets of creativity which is all the more exciting for me. Private homes, shops, showrooms, restaurants and so forth. Inside all these projects is the spirit of our agency, simple and refined places. This is really the way we work, we don’t want to fall into the minimalist category, creating spaces of nothing, it is necessary that we feel good and give life and history to whatever we are working on.

Crédits : Eve Campestrini@thesocialitefamily.com

Les Justes, 1 rue Frochot, 75009, Paris.

Felix Millory Architecture, 68 rue Léon Frot, 75011, Paris.



Decoration murale du bar Les Justes
Détail sol du bar Les Justes
Première salle du bar Les Justes

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