Le Printemps des Docks in Lyon

Le Printemps des Docks in Lyon

Claire, Virginie and Marie are the organisers of the Lyonnais event le Printemps des Docks. It has now become the go-to place where interior design and the art of living are showcased from 1 to 4 April. A clear choice and a way to unearth gems in terms of original design. Right in the heart of Lyon, Le Printemps des Docks invites the public to come and meet the artists, artisans and antique dealers who come to exhibit their savoir-faire and their style. It’s a chance to look around and leave with some of the objects displayed, which are usually only accessible online. For the occasion, we went to meet some very special ladies who have stopped off for a cup of tea with the interior designer Nathalie Rives.


Le Printemps des Docks
La Sucrière Lyon Confluence
49-50 Quai Rambaud 69002 Lyon
Vendredi 12h > 22h, Samedi 10h > 20h, Dimanche 10h > 20h, Lundi 10h > 17h

livres chez nathalie rives
Fondatrice Printemps des Docks 1
Meuble vintage Nathalie Rives
livre fernand léger chez Nathalie Rives
lampadaire chez Nathalie Rives

Claire, Virginie, Marie, could you introduce yourselves?

C, M, V

We are a trio ID d’ART, a Lyonnaise production company specialising in public events. Essentially it began as a business meeting, one person that grew to two and then three. Our incentive evolves with each business meeting and development of each project. Our common aim is to select beautiful things that drive the sales of our exhibiters. We organize events for brands and show visitors unpublished and specialised collections.

What is the concept of Le Printemps des Docks? Who is the target?

C, M, V

Le Printemps des Docks is a real life Pinterest. We are presenting those we have pinned throughout the year via direct exhibition or public sale. Close to 200 brands affiliated to decor, fashion and children. Various people come to this event to find the unexpected, shop in a different way and buy products in a distinctive atmosphere.

How do you divide roles between you?

C, M, V

Our professional skill-sets really complement each other and we work together closely. Marie; production and operations, Virginia; development and trade, Claire; communications and press.

How did you come up with this idea?

C, M, V

Lyon has a whole host of independent pop-up showcases and large scale events for Habitat but nothing in between. We identified a void in the market and adapted the idea from what Maison & Objet is doing. We imagined a lifestyle focus, a sort of mini Maison & Objet open to everyone. It It is way for participating online brands to meet their customers and vice versa.

This year, what are your favourite brands? Do any stand out more than others?


We regularly post four favourites on our home page. El Camino de los altos, a decor brand with an amalgamation of designers and weavers is one we would choose to have in our interior. DIY d’Erbie organicis  is a brand of herbal tea and spices that has a diy approach and corresponds well with the present trends.  For fashion, underwear brand Esquisse is offering a renewed look for lingerie. We find the collection to be very pleasing. For children, the books from Mademoiselle cartonne are great for parents on the go.

Will you be exporting the concept in other parts of France or oversees?


There are other Docks in France but we are focused currently on our event in Lyon and becoming the must-see lifestyle and decor showcase here.

Claire Virginie et Marie fondatrices du printemps des docks

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