Hotel Providence

Hotel Providence

Although it opened only very recently, it is now a favourite haunt of night owls. People stop there before or after going to the theatre because they are necessarily in the district. As you leave the Saint Antoine or Renaissance theatres, the choice is obvious. Hotel Providence will take your breath away with its novelty and discretion. Timeless and transcending all fashion, the hotel is tucked away in a small square, sheltered from the major boulevards. Whether you plump for tea in the chimneyed lounge or prefer the bar or the restaurant, every effort has been made so that you will feel at home. You get the feeling of living in the Paris of yesteryear, with its understated opulence. The feeling is reinforced by the print fabric right from the entrance and the 1930s light fixtures in the restaurant. Even the mustachioed staff seem to have emerged from a period drama. The decoration of the rooms is the fruit of the no-holds-barred and highly original approach of project partners Pierre Moussié, Elodie Moussié and Sophie Richard. Everything connects, from the lampshades to the bar stools. So, perhaps a cocktail in your room, just to feast your eyes? I’ll probably see you there this winter.

Hôtel Providence, 90, rue René Boulanger 75010 Paris.

Hôtel Providence Lit Décoration papier peint
Hôtel Providence Menu
Hôtel Providence Terrasse Fleurs
Hôtel Providence Terrasse
Hôtel Providence Devanture Facade Paris
Hôtel Providence Paris Vue
Hôtel Providence Décoration Chambre Lampe
Hôtel Providence Chambre Verrière
Assise Velours Bleue Palmier Décoration Hôtel Providence
Hôtel Providence Salle de Bain Baignoire
Hôtel Providence Bureau
Hôtel Providence Terrasse Extérieur
Hôtel Providence Salon Fauteuils Table basse Décoration Espace détente
Hôtel Providence Lustre Verre
Hôtel Providence Chambre décoration Papier peint
Hôtel Providence Chambre décoration commode
Hôtel Providence Papier peint Lampe Abat-jour ton sur ton
Hôtel Providence Chambre Décoration reflet papier peint Lit
Hôtel Providence Rideau Doré Velours
Hôtel Providence Terrasse café
Hôtel Providence Décoration Moquette Bananiers Vert

Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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