Formentera Island with the Spanish Architect Marià Castelló

Formentera Island with the Spanish Architect Marià Castelló

This summer in Formentera, I met the owner of one of the most unusual places on the island. The architect Marià Castelló lives and works in a concrete parallelepiped planted in the middle of the wilderness. It’s not really something that’s easy to miss and is totally jarring for the normal architecture of the island. I could not help but make a stop there for you to discover it more closely.

Salon Maison Formentera Marià Castello
Studio Architecte Maison Formentera Marià Castello
Chambre Formentera Maison Marià Castello

Hello Maria, where do you come from?


I was born in Ibiza, but I grew up on the island of Formentera.

Can you talk to us about you? About your job?


I am an architect but design also interests me. One of my passions is photography.

What do you love about Formentera?


Formentera has shaped my personality and how I work: peace, sobriety, serenity, austerity, precision, humility, balance, depth, harmony, honesty, strength, isolation, responsibility, order…these are the concepts that define the different facets of my life and that are also inherent in this island.

Extérieur Maison Formentera Marià Castello
Dressing Maison Formentera Marià Castello
Livres Maison Formentera Marià Castello

What is it like to live here throughout the year?


Apart from the months of July and August, Formentera is a place where life is good.

Which artists fascinate you?


I’m a fan of the work of the sculptor Jorge Oteiza.

In your home, the materials are raw and the spirit is very minimal, where do they come?


Wood is the most used material in the building and more precisely, I worked a lot with Iroko.

Panier Osier Maison Formentera Marià Castello
Chaise Maison Formentera Marià Castello

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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