Design Icons on Canvas

Design Icons on Canvas

For the beginning of the year, the founder of the School Gallery, Olivier Castaing takes us into the design universe thanks to the surprising work of the contemporary painter Patrick Cornillet. The artist tackles the representations of design and architecture in a very distinctive way. He does it with restrained and refined decors, flat tints and a great mastery of the brushwork. As he is an autodidact, he uses various techniques; he works on concrete, with oil painting and on wood. The rendering of the fabrics and leathers is almost palpable. All these elements as a whole seduced Olivier Castaing, who has been a design collector since the beginning. To discover or rediscover the design icons, you have until the end of February!


School Gallery Paris
322 rue Saint Martin 75003 Paris
Tél. +33 (0)142 717 820
Mob. +33 (0)613 507 887
Mardi – Samedi    14h >19h et sur RDV

Icônes du Design
Solo SHOW   Peintures
14 janvier  > 27 février 2016

Design Icons on Canvas Design Icons on Canvas Design Icons on Canvas Design Icons on Canvas Design Icons on Canvas Design Icons on Canvas Design Icons on Canvas Design Icons on Canvas

What are the origins of this exhibition?


What initiated this project were both my personal fondness for design in general and my encounter with a painter.

I suggested the artist that he could imagine a new series that would put design icons in the limelight. He freely chose several designers, such as Arne Jacobsen, Paul Kjaerholms, Willy Guhi or Mies Van der Rohe.

He also selected all the furnishings.

Why an exhibition on iconic design just now?


It is really about my personal taste and the fact that in the future I wish to integrate designers to my artistic planning.

A rough estimate of the work of arts’ prices?


Those are oil on wood paintings, between 3000 € and 8500 €.




Crédits : Eve

Design Icons on Canvas

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