Cora Vohwinkel

Cora Vohwinkel

During the Milan Design Week, we made a little detour to see prop stylist and set designer Cora Vohwinkel, who lives in a 60s apartment created by the great Milanese architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni! Everything has been kept more or less intact in her home. From the floor to the window handles, the decor takes us through a very cinematic Milan! A feast for the eyes. We’ll have a few more surprises for you later! As they say in Italy, pazienza!

Cora Vohwinkel Stylist Designer
Cora Vohwinkel Knoll
Cora Vohwinkel Living Office
Cora Vohwinkel Knoll Table
Cora Vohwinkel Bedroom
Cora Vohwinkel Cactus
Cora Vohwinkel
Cora Vohwinkel Erwin Olaf
Cora Vohwinkel Lifestyle
Cora Vohwinkel Lifestyle
Cora Vohwinkel decorative
Cora Vohwinkel Buongiorno

Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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