“C’est la V” by Vittoria Bottasini

“C’est la V” by Vittoria Bottasini

Vittoria and her husband, Mathieu, met one summer in Cadaques. It’s a summer love story of which the soundtrack is acoustic guitar played by the French musician and the awakening of two fabulous adventures. The first is the origin of the second. Théophile, their son, three years old. Just as the name of the brand suggests and with some clever ideas, Vittoria rolled her sleeves and developed pieces to assist her journey through pregnancy – without compromising style and comfort. Feeling restricted in her bell-bottomed trousers, the Italian created her initial V pants in her typical hippy and colourful style with an adjustable belt piece evolving to fit with the form of the body. Success was waiting for her and the range was embarked upon. Then came the emergence into other silhouettes, ever practical and always bohemian. Women around the world, wherever they may be, continue to be delighted with the instantly elegant and sophisticated nature of the clothes – but always with a gypsy spirit of course!

Vittoria Bottasini table basse
Vittoria Bottasini livre gypsy
Vittoria Bottasini famille
Vittoria Bottasini chaise rotin
Vittoria Bottasini sac été Vittoria Bottasini enfant Vittoria Bottasini mobile

Vittoria, how was your brand, C’est la V, born?


C’est la V, was born by accident when I was expecting my son three years ago. I was living in flared pants and couldn’t find anything suitable for my large belly. So I went in search of fabric and made pieces to measure with an elastic waist in colours that are dear to me. It was from that moment, C’est la V was born.

Why a French name?


In a certain sense, I am very connected to France. I lived between Milan and Paris. My husband is a French singer and my son, a French-Italian called Theophile. My dog is a French Bulldog. At home, everything is a little bit French actually!


Where do you find inspiration?


I like very much the lifestyles of the 60’s, times spent barefoot, coloured patterns and the cool hippy cool mentalities. The nature and flowers inspire me. I hate black. All the prints and patterns inspire me to travel and dream about a freer life and one that is close to nature.

How would you define your style?


Totally hippy.

What kind of woman inspires your brand?


A dynamic woman who travels. A dreamer too.

How do feel about development?


I go where my heart desires. It is the most important thing in life for me! My for my creations to finally be available online. Slowly, slowly I will develop the brand. I like to make women happy and beautiful but most importantly and secretly, I hope they share my dreams.

Vittoria Bottasini portrait
Vittoria Bottasini robe
Vittoria Bottasini portrait famille
Vittoria Bottasini théophile

I like very much the lifestyles of the 60’s, times spent barefoot, coloured patterns and the cool hippy cool mentalities.

Vittoria Bottasini robes c'est la v
Vittoria Bottasini détail rotin
Vittoria Bottasini luminaires
Vittoria Bottasini aperitivo
Vittoria Bottasini jaune
Vittoria Bottasini salon canapé

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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