Bonjour, by Anne Millet

Bonjour, by Anne Millet

Anne Millet unveiled her entirely new collection to us, which will be on-line in a few short months, in a beautiful setting decorated by the Parisian duo Dimore Studio. We met her just two years ago in Nantes and it is today in Brussels, where she lives, that Anne is launching the new line of her linens and children’s clothing brand, Bonjour. Prints inspired by and created in India come in duvet covers, pajamas and pillow cases. Here’s an exclusive sneak preview.


Nouvelle Collection Enfant Bonjour Anne Millet
Vêtement Enfant Nouvelle Collection Bonjour
Nouvelle Collection Enfant Anne Millet Bonjour
Portrait Créatrice Vêtement Enfant Anne Millet

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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