Be-pôles, Visual Identity Star

Be-pôles, Visual Identity Star

This week I would like to introduce you to the talented Antoine Ricardou! He is the founder of the Be-pôles agency, THE reference for style guides and visual identities. Antoine has a flawless eye and a natural elegance. The agency has a branch in New York and a headquarter in Paris. This all-rounder never rests. Moving from one world to another, shown by the visual identity of the Merci concept store, as well as Petit Bateau and Isabel Marant, he is also the man behind a series of day-to-day objects: the famous kraft paper bag, the portraits of cities from Naples to Rio, and a whole heap of other indispensable curiosities. Antoine Ricardou has a marvelous talent for finding the right twist between a typography and a tag-line! For example, wrapping a simple product in fine tissue to make it into a highly-desirable object. I went and visited him on top of the Parisian rooftops. Perhaps that’s where he finds his inspiration?

Be-pôles Bureau Équipe Antoine Ricardou
Be-pôles Ruban Adhésif Merci
Be-pôles Papier Emballage Merci
Be-pôles Antoine Ricardou
Be-pôles Bureau
Be-pôles Porte Bureau Création
Be-pôles Bureau Magazine Porte
Be-pôles Tampon Merci
Be-pôles Portraits de Villes Livres Carnets
Be-pôles Collection Livres
Be-pôles Gobelets Tampon
Be-pôles Merci Boite d'allumettes
Be-pôles Terrasse
Be-pôles Sac Papier Merci Sac Kraft Brun
Be-pôles Présentation
Be-pôles Créations
Be-pôles Portraits de villes
Be-pôles Sac Papier Merci
Be-pôles Portraits de Villes

Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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