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A throw or quilt regardless of the season

There are numerous ways to bring warmth and character to your interior. At The Socialite Family, we believe in functional details, and there's nothing like throws and quilts to play with colors, materials, and volumes subtly.

What are the differences between a throw and a quilt?

Warm, light, fluffy, comfortable, colorful, refined... Throws and quilts have the knack of decorating and revealing themselves each in their own way with their specific function.

The versatile throw

The throw is that large blanket that our creative studio likes to design in cotton jacquard. Whether it's plain with relief patterns like Concerto or bi-colored like Miuccia, the idea is to use it as we please. In a living room, a bedroom, or even on a terrace, the throw serves to warm, reassure, and accompany. It can even double as a bedspread.

The multi-purpose quilt

The comforter, like Nido or Capriccio, is thicker and smaller than a throw. Originally, it is used at the foot of the bed to add a dose of warmth during cold seasons. It's also an excellent way to structure your bed and bring in full-fledged decorative elements. But the comforter can also be used as a sofa seat or transformed into a play mat thanks to its generous thickness.

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How to choose the right throw or quilt for your interior?

At The Socialite Family, we love the idea of composing our decoration with accessories that instantly animate it. Throws and comforters are perfect for that.

The play of materials and patterns

Our quilt, like our throws, feature jacquard or waffle finishes that texture as much as they dress the material. They can be used in accumulation or alone according to tastes. Raised squares for Concerto, quilted stripes for Capriccio, or flat for Monastico, knitted effect for Miuccia... The choice is wide.

The accumulation of colors

Our founder and artistic director, Constance Gennari, is a fan of compositions to unleash her imagination. She advises both to pair the same colors together for unified looks and to mix them to create contrasts.

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European and respectful throws and quilts

Concerned about the impact as much as the sensoriality of our designs, we make it a point of honor to use only high-quality fabrics. Cotton gauze, 100% cotton, or cotton jacquard... All are manufactured in our Portuguese workshops and are Oeko-Tex certified.

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