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Curl Up In Softness With Our The Socialite Family Cotton Gauze Bed Linen!

A fabric that’s quickly become a must-have! Homes have been accessorised with cotton gauze for several years, much to the pleasure of us all. A fabric that never ceases to seduce, thanks to its incomparable softness and the sensuality of its natural fibre. The Socialite Family’s cotton gauze products are OEKO-TEX® certified to protect both your skin and the environment! From our Copertina throw to our

comforter and

sets, our easy-care bed linen is enhanced by a palette of soft colours. Powder pink, pistachio green, brown, slate blue or even bright mustard yellow, not forgetting our timeless cream white items! Our pretty, ultra-comforting pieces comprise several woven layers for a bewitching soft appearance. The perfect reason to enjoy lazy moments while also showing off a key element of your bedroom’s decor. An ideal cosy cocoon, thanks to the quality of the fabric, beautifully made with Portuguese savoir-faire. Craftspeople with whom we have closely worked right from the start and whose expert hands ensure stunning linen that will enhance your daily life!

Como vert d'eau

The Socialite Family's cotton gauze products are OEKO-TEX® certified to protect both your skin and the environment!

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