Vibrant colors and interplay of materials are at the heart of Nouvelles Éditions, the latest collection signed by The Socialite Family's creative studio. A chance to rediscover our iconic pieces in a whole new light.


Nouvelles Éditions

You'll be familiar with most of them: Rotondo, Classica, Libera, Chiesa - now available as a bench - Aldo and Gloria are revealed in bright colours and materials that shine in a joyful, brilliant light. A classic in our collection, the Marta lamp swaps its ceramic base for glass, like a precious jewel, transparent, pink or smoky, reflecting the light. And did you know? In centuries gone by, people talked about brilliance and intensity rather than colour. Michel Pastoureau tells us all about it. Light, always light, is the common thread running through our collection. And there are a few new items here and there, including a dreamlike collaboration with artist Sarah Martinon, in the form of a tapestry and a pair of curtains. The discovery will be yours. In short, temperament: that's how we'd describe these Nouvelles Éditions.

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Rotondo en velours de mohair vermillon

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