Curtains are essential to the lighting, atmosphere and structure of a room. They can determine the style and ambiance of your decor all by themselves. Though discreet in appearance, curtains are in fact central to the impression your flat or apartment creates. It's the curtains that link it all together. Let us explain how.

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How to choose your curtains

Which curtains for which room?

The room your curtains are going to go in can influence the choice of curtain type. Blackout curtains, for example, are ideal for a bedroom, whereas linen or cotton gauze voile curtains are perfect for living or dining rooms. Putting it into practice. If you want a soft, muted atmosphere in your living room or for an entrance hall, however, nothing beats velvet curtains Cotton gauze will add softness and comfort when used in a bedroom. Panels of this fabric can also be fitted in open-plan spaces to create dining areas, reading areas and areas for rest and relaxation, etc. The key principle: don't be scared to play around and have fun! 

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Rideau Palazzo Moutarde
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The different types of curtains available

The fabric the curtains are made from not only determines their appearance, texture and functionality, but also the impression you want to convey. Here are some of the types of curtains we offer at The Socialite Family:

Classic curtains

If, like us, by classic curtains you mean curtains in light shades, then we have just what you're looking for. Bambina, made from cotton gauze, allows the light to pass through like a classic voile but has a longer drop. Our linen curtains, such as Portofino and Vento, match the definition of classic curtains but with a number of added special features, such as fine stripes in the case of Portofino and fine lines created by the natural fibres in the case of Viento.

Blackout curtains

The blackout curtains we offer at The Socialite Family are made from smooth or corduroy velvet. Teatro and Palazzo, with their weighty elegant fall, come in a wide range of colours. This makes it easier for you to find that perfect tone and gives you plenty of scope for variety. Perfect for blocking out light, these curtains guarantee complete privacy in both bedrooms and exposed living rooms.

Voile curtains

Voile curtains can be used on their own or paired with thicker curtains to combine textures and light in different ways. At The Socialite Family, Portofino, Bambina, Scuola and Vento are all about lightness. Their delicacy allows light to filter through while at the same time adding naturalness and, with certain types, a romantic touch to your interior.

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Working out the size of curtains you need

The size of your curtains will depend on the window or door where you plan to hang them.

Curtain width

Measure the width of your window and add a suitable margin for the effect you want to create. Curtains that are gathered rather than straight create volume and add interesting contrasts that can be used to dress up a window. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a more sober, unadorned finish, go for a smaller margin.

Curtain length

The length the curtains should be will depend on the layout of your room. At The Socialite Family, our curtains are all three metres long, enabling you to alter their length to suit your needs. Floaty and nonchalant, with curtains that hug the floor, or elegant and controlled, with curtains that brush against it: all kinds of decorative styles and approaches are possible.

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Choosing the fabric for your curtains

Cotton curtains

Cotton has always had the wind in its sails. It's a firm favourite for its ability to hold its shape well, its durability and its ability to dress up any room in the house. The fact that it's made from natural fibres is good to know, as this means the fabric is sensitive to humidity levels in the room, with its suppleness therefore varying depending on its location.

Cotton gauze curtains

For a long time associated exclusively with babies and infants, cotton gauze is now used throughout the home. At The Socialite Family, we love it as much for curtains as we do for sheets. Further still, we adore it as much in white as in coloured versions. Our Bambina curtains are captivatingly soft and light. They are perfect for adding elegance to windows, conjuring up a sense of evanescence at the slightest breeze from the wind blowing in. 

Fabric curtains

All our curtains are made from high-quality fabrics. Our woven fabric curtains "Il cielo in una stanza" are a product of traditional Italian skill and know-how. They are soft to the touch yet offer a beautiful fall and hold their shape very well. 

Wool curtains

Thanks to its natural fibres, wool is a warm, insulating material. It creates curtains with a lighter fall than velvet, but its texture immediately brings considerable comfort and reassurance to a room. Very classic and yet timeless at the same time, wool curtains have an elegance all their own.

Linen curtains

Linen curtains lie somewhere between cotton gauze and cotton curtains. They hold their shape well and have undeniable presence and elegance. Their lightness, however, also makes them excellent for achieving a light airy finish. Linen's ability to allow light to filter through while at the same time maintaining a certain degree of privacy is one of its great qualities. 

Velvet curtains

Opulent and luxurious, velvet comes armed with strongly defined imaginary associations. Whether smooth, crushed or corduroy, velvet has a theatrical history full of grandeur. With their whimsically unique colour variations,  our Teatro and Palazzo curtains both play with this image and completely subvert it – the perfect way to play the elegance card, with a touch of fantasy and imagination into the bargain. 

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What colours should you choose for your curtains?

The choice of colours depends on your personal preferences and the style of your interior. Light colours can visually enlarge a space, while dark colours add warmth and intimacy. It's also possible to play around with contrasts by layering lighter voile curtains and heavier, deeper fabrics; or alternatively, you can opt for a tone-on-tone approach but vary the textures. By having fun experimenting with materials and shades, you can radically alter the ambiance of a room. Useful tip: imagine how the light from outside, both during the day and at night, will pass through the fabric and come to life. By visualising the outcome in this way, you'll find it easier to decide which colour or fabric to go for. 

What finishes should you choose for your curtains?

At The Socialite Family, we go for discreet, elegant finishes using a hanging system with loop fasteners built into the curtain. This guarantees a perfect, elegant fit and easy gliding.

Caring for your curtains

Regular cleaning extends the life of your curtains and keeps them looking beautiful. See our full range of tips and advice about looking after your curtains.

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