The sofa is a focal point at the heart of the home. It is the place for rest, endless discussions, lively get-togethers and confessions. At The Socialite Family, our design studio has created seating to suit all tastes and situations. Sleek design and seventies inspiration take shape with modular elements and colourful models that are as sensually pleasing as they are comfortable. A sofa, a fireside chair, a corner module, a footstool or even a daybed... Here's our advice to help you choose the right sofa.

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How to choose the right sofa 

Start by defining your needs

How much space do you have available?

Before you start looking for the ideal sofa, consider the space you have available. Measure the exact dimensions of the area where the sofa will be placed. This step is absolutely crucial to avoid any disappointment once the sofa has been delivered. The good news at The Socialite Family is that most of our sofas can be put together to suit your needs and moods. They are equally at home in spacious or more cosy and intimate rooms.

How will the sofa be used?

Every home has different needs in terms of sofa use. Some families are looking for a place to relax, while others are looking for a convivial space for entertaining guests. The living room may also be used as a dining room in small spaces, with the sofa at the centre of everything, including the meal. The seat should be comfortable, but the fabric should also be hard-wearing so that it won't stain. Think carefully about how you want to use your sofa and this will help you make the right choice.

How many people need to sit on it?

The number of seats depends on the size of your family or the number of guests you plan to welcome. Choose a sofa that suits your seating needs and the space you have available. Our design studio has developed Rotondo and Aldo so that you can create your own sofa according to your own criteria. 

What type of sofa should you choose to furnish your home?

Straight sofas

Straight sofas offer a classic, uncluttered look. At The Socialite Family, models like Aldo, Rotondo and Nonna add timeless elegance to any space. 

Corner sofas

Corner sofas, like Aldo and Rotondo from The Socialite Family, are ideal for optimising space and can be configured in a variety of inviting ways. Our modules are easy to position and adapt to every need. The Aldo daybed, for example, makes this sofa ideal for corner seating.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas are one of the signatures of The Socialite Family. For us, decoration has to be as beautiful as it is functional. Our Aldo and Rotondo sofas are no exception. Their different options offer a wide range of possibilities. By opting for different fabrics, you can play with the size of your sofa and its look.

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How do you choose the upholstery for your sofa?

The choice of upholstery makes a major contribution to the looks and durability of the sofa. The Socialite Family offers a wide range of top-of-the-range coverings, including:

Cotton sofas

At The Socialite Family, our cottons are anything but ordinary and come in leopard or foliage jacquard, as well as stripes. They have the advantage of being as beautiful as they are hard-wearing.

Fabric sofas

Available in green, pink and brick red, The Socialite Family's jacquard stripe fabric is bright and will cheer up your interior with its sunny personality. The palette of shades will blend perfectly with all interior looks.

Mohair sofas

At The Socialite Family we've also designed mohair velvets for sofas with a warm, luxurious look. 

Wool sofas

Curly wool is one of The Socialite Family's must-haves. It offers the perfect combination of softness and strength. Its creamy appearance also immediately brings light into your home.

Velvet sofas

The Socialite Family is unique in offering a wide range of smooth and ribbed velvets. The colours are varied and original, and you can use them together or distribute them as you please. Our must-have: our jacquard velvet with a tiger motif. 

Leather sofas

The smooth leather of a Rotondo modular sofa from The Socialite Family offers timeless elegance and exceptional durability. Our leather version will only be available in shops.

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Our tips for choosing a comfortable sofa 

The filling

The choice of filling, whether it is feather, foam or a combination of the two, determines the level of comfort. The Socialite Family sofas guarantee the best possible balance through the use of different foam densities. So you'll feel cosier and more comfortable. 

Seat depth

Choose the seat depth to suit your body shape and personal preferences. Some people prefer a deep seat for relaxation, while others opt for a firmer seat. The first is more likely to be found in Rotondo and Aldo, while the second is more likely to be found in our Nonna sofa.

Seat height

The height of the seat affects how easy it is to get up from the sofa. Choose a height that suits your needs, especially if you have older family members to accommodate. Nonna also has armrests which offer a hold to get up if needed.

An on-trend sofa to match your decor 

On-trend colours and patterns for your sofa

Colours and patterns can be striking, but they are generally easier to combine than you might think. Beige, grey and navy blue are neutral and timeless, while patterns like stripes and animal motifs (leopard and tiger) add a touch of character. At The Socialite Family, we are as happy to dare to mix and match as we are to opt for plain colours. Anything is possible.

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Choosing a sofa from The Socialite Family

Our sofas have the luxury of combining design, comfort and functionality. Each piece is designed to be timeless yet to tell powerful stories. Our founder, Constance Gennari, also pays great attention to craftsmanship and the materials we use. Our sofas are the fruit of hand-in-hand work with our French, Italian and Portuguese artisans. We prefer to make our products. This ensures that they are produced responsibly and means shorter lead times and greater respect for materials and resources.

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