Soft, noble and endlessly adaptable. At The Socialite Family. velvet is one of our favourite fabrics. We're as proud of its exceptional quality as we are of the unique colours it is available in. Cushions, seats and curtains, velvet makes them all more opulent. Something to delight all the senses.


Velvet, the great love of The Socialite Family

Velvet has a long history. It captivates, it reassures, it plays games with light. This fabric has what it takes to make everyday life a pleasure. Both how it feels and the way it moves give it the power to awaken all the senses. Because, yes, velvet does move. Its fibres flow with our movements, as we use the object it embellishes and changes as the rays of light strike it. This is what we love about it at The Socialite Family: its power to shimmer and transform, day and night. We love it plain, ribbed or even jacquard. In its first case, it is luxurious and warm. In the second, it becomes more tactile. In the third, it juggles rules and conventions with its tiger stripes. Endless possibilities, thanks to our design studio, which regularly expands its selection of colours. There's something for everyone. 


Nolyne Cerda

Velvet, from modesty to opulence

A fabric both for grand events and for everyday use, velvet adapts to suit. This is why we include it in all our collections. It's timeless and warm, with a touch of glamour to boot. Our Teatro curtains in smooth velvet and Palazzo ones in corduroy are perfect examples of this. The Rotondo sofa, too, can be adorned with your chosen velvet while Nonna, with its fringes, plays the card of timeless allure. All in all, velvet's versatility makes it an evergreen companion. Robust and durable, velvet will accompany you through every phase of your life without ever losing its appeal. 

Velvet does move. Its fibres flow with our movements, as we use the object it embellishes and changes as the rays of light strike it.

Product of Italian excellence

Our velvet is made using the purest Italian know-how. From the outset, we have relied on a family for whom velvet holds no secrets. Their expertise with this noble fabric can satisfy all requirements. And this is also, a way for us to honour the childhood memories of Constance Gennari, our founder and artistic director, who has Franco-Italian roots. This textile, in particular, recalls her many wanderings in a theatrical Baroque world, with her mother. Like we said: velvet has a lot of tales to tell. 

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