5 Ways to Use our
Gioia Table Lamp

Re/discover Gioia, one of our signature designs that embodies the identity of The Socialite Family collections. A gem of a lamp that needs no introduction and that everyone loves, available in two models. Two heights offer a variety of uses, from the bedroom to the living room. Sculptural and timeless, the original version of our

looks positively majestic on a table in an office or on a sideboard. It is not just a lamp, but a decorative object in its own right. It provides superb and generous lighting in your living rooms either setting a cosy mood or illuminating your everyday tasks. Lighter and more mobile, our

can be used in other ways and can sit on narrow shelves or tables, starting with the end of your sofa, or on a bedside table in your little one’s room. Fitting into more limited spaces its big sister, it will happily sit on a bookshelf alongside your books. So, what are you waiting for? Choose our Gioia and take inspiration from these 5 decorative ideas to create a setting of your own!

Gioia, un luminaire bijou plébiscité que l’on ne vous présente plus, disponible dorénavant en deux modèles.

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The Gioia Table Lamp

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