26 May 2014

Sonia and Frédéric Lucano, Nina 15, Ange 11 and Mona 6

Interior stylist and fashion photograph, Montreuil.

Sonia and Frédéric Lucano, Nina 15, Ange 11 and Mona 6

Sonia, in which room do you spend the most time at home?

During the day it is in my studio where I love to spend time: to work, think, tinker, dream and get worked up. The rest of the time I’m downstairs between the kitchen, living room and garden to chat, to talk about our days and prepare (or think about) meals.

The inexpensive object of which you are most proud?

There are very few expensive objects here, most are from antique shops or found in the street, and the pride comes more from the discovery, a successful negotiation or a meeting.

Where do you go when you are looking for furniture?

Jumble sales, the Clignancourt flea market when I’m looking! If I know what I want, like a designer piece, I often order online.

Do you have a fetish object?

I have two! The Ingo Maurer lamp with its wings, which is known as ‘Lucinello‘ and the Eames raven, House Bird.

What is your current favorite?

Um…ah yes, the leopard Maje X Kway.

What education did you have in relation to decor and how was it transmitted to you?

I really remember my mother who always loved decorating the house with large bouquets of wildflowers that we brought back on Sunday. Today it is me who is playing at it and I see how receptive the children are! No need to think about any kind of transmission, it happens naturally when I see Nine or Ange arranging their rooms, setting the table or putting flowers in a vase! It is always really pretty!

Is there a particular work that you wish to have one day?

I do not have excessive dreams, so they can be quickly satisfied.

Is it easy to balance family life and pretty decor when you have 7 children?

Uh…3 children! Yes it is rather simple to the extent that they are starting to grow up. They know that I make few concessions with the decor and I hate mess, so they are nice enough to respect that. However, they can get at us in other areas!

How did you choose the names of your children?

Nina or Nine simply imposed itself for the first. We also dreamed of having a little boy to call Ange like the artist Ange Leccia, who we knew when we first came to Paris. As for Mona, it fits with the others and it’s the name of the photographer David Hamilton’s wife (although I admit that we wanted to call her Bianca and then forgot at the last moment but today we do not regret it!)

What’s your next family vacation destination?

Perhaps a desire to go to California!

The most recent restaurant you would recommend in Paris or elsewhere?

We like having lunch at the Marché des Enfants Rouges in the Marais in Paris, and at the Amourette Montreuil because it is good and next to the house, and I would love to go to Septime, but as we do not know how to plan things well, we never get in!


Credits Photos : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily.com

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