4 March 2014

Adriano Russo, Silvia Cammilli, Naïma 13 and Bianca-Sofia 7 months

Photographer and art director, Milan, Corso Buenos Aires.

Adriano Russo, Silvia Cammilli, Naïma 13 and Bianca-Sofia 7 months

Direction Milan, to a brick building from the 1920s on the Corso Bueno Aires. We arrive at Adriano Russo and Silvia's, both famous in the world of Milan fashion. Adriano is a fashion photographer for Vogue Italia, while Silvia organizes the shooting. At home, they have chosen predominately natural materials with the help of Adriano' brother, the architect Pietro Russo, who is compared by some to the great Gio Ponti. In this beautiful setting, marble and polished concrete blend with brass and wood. What they like is to upset codes and combine bespoke furniture with works by contemporary artists. The result is remarkable, a delight for the eyes. Visit

Where do you love spending time at home?

When I’m home I spend most of the time in the living room because it is spacious, welcoming and relaxing. For Bianca Sofia, my daughter, it’s perfect because it has all the space to play, move and have fun.

For me, it is the kitchen!

The inexpensive object of which you are most proud?

That’s a good question! We have objects at home of which I am proud, but if I have to think in terms of price, it would be the brass planters we have in our bow window. I love them and they were found in a flea market in Milan. They are round, of different shapes and sizes.

The Tom Dixon candelabra.

The signed object of your wildest dreams?

Is it easy to reconcile family life and fine decor?

It is not easy and in fact I do not think design is conceived or considered for family life. We know that children throw everything on the floor, touching objects with their dirty little hands, but hey, life would not be the same if they were not there to help us “live” our inner journeys. (Smiles)

It is not so difficult when you only have one little year old girl moving about the house.

Where do you go when you are looking for furniture?

I look online but there is a very nice place in Milan, which is Spazio Pontaccio.

Your most recent favourite?

My new coffee tables in glass and brass that I put in the living room. They are signed by a young German designer.

How did you choose your daugter’s name, Bianca Sofia?

We have two children at home, the first is 13 years old and she was born from an earlier relationship. Her name is Naima. She is a fantastic young girl who’s in love with her little sister. The second is Bianca Sofia, who is 7 months old. The choice of her name was long. Adriano loved Sofia and I loved Bianca, so we decided to give her both names. The choice was balanced and fairer for us. We in fact find that Bianca Sofia is even more elegant.

Where is the most beautiful place in Milan for you?

The Villa Necchi Campiglio is a historic mansion that is part of the Case Museo di Milano circuit, otherwise knows as the Historic House Museums of Milan. Located in the centre of Milan, it is considered a unique spot for its beauty and conservation. It dates from the 1930s and was built as an independent family house on a design by architect Piero Portaluppi, one of the greatest Italian architects of this era.

Casa Della Fontana in the Porta Venezia quarter. This is a classic example of the 1930’s Palace architecture of this era with its facade and balconies. The building was designed by architect Rino Ferrini (1891-1956).

A restaurant to recommend to us in Milan?

The restaurant The Small is an exquisite bistro located in the Buenos Aires district of Milan. The decor is meticulous with fine art objects and the menu is really exquisite.
Credits Photos : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily.com

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