Aurélie Lecuyer and Jean Christophe, Gustave 6, Honoré 3 years old 23 April 2013

Aurélie Lecuyer ‘interview

Aurélie, since when do you live in this big house ?
1 year and half.

Do you have a philosophy of life ?
Enjoy the present. ( things very difficult for me )

Where do you spent most of your time ?
When i’m alone, I am in my office, then in the kitchen when the children return at home.

Where are you going when you are looking for furniture ?
Maison Simone and Emmäus.

Whitch designer do you like the most ?
Louise Bourgeois.

The piece of furniture do you dream of ?
La potence de Jean Prouvé, or the tulip table from Saarinen.

Do you have a motto ?
Tomorrow will be an another day.

How did you choose the name of your kids ?
We wanted names classic and timeless.

Do you have a crush ?
The candle Lierre from Diptyque, or to live in Bruxelles for one or two years.

The restaurant do you like at the moment ?
Beckett’s Canteen, rue Guépin in Nantes, or Barber’s Shop, avenue de la République à Paris.

Find the beautiful blog from Aurélie Lecuyer , ledansla.

Art direction and concept : Constance Gennari
Photos : Mélanie Rodriguez pour The Socialite Family

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