Mariu de Andreis, Chiara 14, Inès 12 and Joseph 3 years old 15 March 2013

Mariu De Andreis’interview,

Where do you feel the most confortable ?
In my bed

Do you have a philosophy of life ?
To adapt.

Quelle pièce de designer rêverais-tu avoir chez toi ?
Nuvola’light design by Mario Bellini.

Do you have a particolar thing you like the most ?
A white shatoosh, big and wonderful. In the winter, I never go out without.

Where are you going when you are looking for a furniture for your home ?
No really address but only cruches in the flea market.

Do you have a crush actually ?
“Django unchained” the last movie from Quentin Tarantino. Fantastic !

What did you plan with your family ?
A dinner with all the family tonight.

Do you have a motto ?
Chi va piano, va sano…

The lastest restaurant do you recommanded ?
Caffe dei Cioppi ( so so nice! )

Holiday with all the family ?
In an island, in the south of France !

Find all the collection of Mariu De Andreis on her webside Zef.

Concept and art direction: Constance Gennari
Crédits photo : Lucie Cipolla for The Socialite Family

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