At home with Hélène and Gaël Duval, Nataniel 4 and Vadim 2 years old Collectionneurs d'art contemporain, Paris 16ème arrondissement 20 October 2012

Hélène and Gaël Duval interview’

Hélène and Geël, what’s your favorite time of the day ?
When we finally come home at the end of the day and we’re happy to see our boys and have a meal together.

Which designer piece do you dream of having in your home ?
Our dream: a painting by Cy Twombly.

Your latest crush?
A photo we saw recently in London at the Michael Hoppen Galery by the artist Daido Moriyama that represents an abstract close-up of fishnet stockings.

How did you choose your sons’ names ?
Nataniel because it means ‘gift from god’ and Vadim for the film
And God Created Woman by Roger Vadim, the 60s playboy, and for Saint Tropez where we were married.

The latest restaurant you would recommend in Paris or elsewhere?
In Paris, we like the Japanese restaurant Yen, 22 rue St. Benoît 75006.

Where do you buy your furniture ?
On the internet, of course! (a professional hazard, I’m afraid)

Your favorite motto?
“Always aim for the moon because even if you fail you’ll end-up in the stars” and also, as a cycling fanatic, “Life is like riding a bike, if you don’t move forward, you fall”.

Is it easy to mix family life and a beautiful interior ?
Of course! Our interior evolves with our daily life.

Your upcoming projects ?
A fascinating project revolving around yoga, acting as a business angel for a start up company and developing my website

Your next trip as a family ?
Saint Martin in the Caribbean in January.

Where to find: Sofa cushions by Fornasetti, the cubes in Nataniel’s bedroom at Uncle Goose, bed by Leander, Salomon Duval Gallery, tree and birdhouse sticker from Smallable, piece of ceramic Oko sofa by Christophe Delcourt.

Go on a guided tour of Hélène and Gaël Duval’s apartment on

Interview et Direction Artistique : Constance Gennari
Crédit photos : Mélanie Rodriguez pour The Socialite Family


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